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By mrstee
I've seen a juki lu1510 for sale but it looks like it's full of gadgets that I don't want or need. It would need a compressor to be able to use it as well. From pictures I've seen of these machines there is also a control panel (CP18) attached but this seems to be missing. My questions are 1- can the air foot lift bits be removed. 2- does it need the cp18 control panel. 3- can I change the old motor, which seems to have wires and pipes coming and going from it, to a chinese servo motor and basically change this all singing all dancing sewing machine to a basic sewing machine that I could use in my back bedroom at home
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By Adam12
It can be converted, i have done several this way. It's not a big job and a lot easier than trouble shooting old electronics. They build the machine the same as the standard version, all that stuff is just added on to it.
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