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By fibersport
Newbie here and am trying to set up my new to me Pfaff 145. I'm having some problems with the top feed stroke. I'm following the adjustment manual for a 1245 and am wondering if this setting is actually the same for the 145 and 1245. I have a feeling I have the timing off between the presserfoot and the vibrating presser foot. I also have some questions on the pressure setting of the presser foot. A little direction would be greatly appreciated.
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By Adam12
Pictures always help. You want the maximum height of the inner and outer foot to match. They operate inversely from eachother so if you take height away from one, it adds to the other. As far as pressure, you just need enough to keep the material firmly held down
By fibersport
Thank you very much for that information, I'll work on balancing the clearance height between them. I guess it should have been obvious but working on a walking foot machine is new to me.

One other related thing, should any part of the hook/bobbin case assembly actually touch the needle enough to move it? I'm trying to time this machine after doing to very necessary derusting and lubricating.

By the way, Adam 12 was a great show!
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By Adam12
The needle guard can touch the needle a bit, it's there to ensure that you don't have a head on collision between the hook and needle. If you think it's deflecting too much, it can be bent to your satisfaction. Not a pic of your machine but you should see something like this on the back side to even up the feet.
Cycle the machine by hand until the needle just arrives to the material. Loosen the bolt circled in red, both feet will fall. Then re tighten bolt and you're done, they will be even.
By fibersport
Again many thanks. I'll give it a shot in a few days, too many things I have to do before I can dedicate some time to it. I have adjusted that screw and the one to the right at the connecting rod, having an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish should make it easier.
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