Hello all,

Rookie here - I'm hoping to re-upholster this Stokke Variable Wing Balans kneeling stool.

I originally intended to use 2-inch high-density foam, however, I've noticed that the existing padding wraps around the front and rear lips of the stool (due to the kneeled seating position).

What material/technique would you recommend for the padding? Should I be going for a thinner foam that can be wrapped around the lips to the underside of the stool, or something else altogether?

Many thanks.
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2 possibilities I see.

1 is 2x 1" layer of foam with the top layer larger than the bottom wrapping around over the 1st.

2nd is a 2" pool noodle foam with a cut channel in the middle that would slide over the ends giving you a perfect wrap around shape. Google cylindrical foam. Please note, I'm a novice, just looking at the shape. I'm sure the pros on here would have better ideas. Just my 2.5 cents.
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