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Well same problem that always happens sewing foam in a backstitch and the needle jams. A rat nest ensues and I have to reset the safety clutch.

This time my hook timing is off? and my thread is fraying trying to hook. The needle thread is just jamming under there and not looping. Any ideas?
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Here’s how I would do it, find a piece of 3/32 flatstock .... rotate crank to bottom dead center, hold your 3/32 jig against the top of the needle bar and use a jiffy marker to mark down the needle bar 3/32. Now rotate crank till your new mark lines up with where you held the jig. Viola

The distance off the needed I just do by eye but feeler gauges would probably work.

Let me know if a pic would help
Exactly why I had to learn to do it myself, after you have done it a couple times it only takes a couple minutes.

The jig, as you can see my spec is 2.5mm from BDC

Ignore the blue, it’s from the last time and the oil on the machine smudges it after a while, new mark is orange, make the mark tight to the jig

@Revv Up @John

I got my machine sewing again. I may not have had my threads pulled tight enough on the restart of this and that is probably why this always happens to me when sewing vinyl and foam especially when I have to restart half way down a panel. I just cant seem to get my bobbin thread pulled enough unless I let out about a foot of thread. My machine was whacked last night no way I though I could get it sewing thanks for the advice guys. It saved me about $250.00 easy.
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