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By LeatherJohnny
I have seen a Russian upholstery shop working in the leather seats, dashboard, headliner, etc of a car and it is the first time that I see that they remove all the plastic trim pieces paint to paint them in order to match the leather. How much would be the total cost in the USA for a job like this? :sweat_smile:

BTW: They seem to do a very precise job!
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By LeatherJohnny
Wow!! Thank you very much for the replies, and it's astonishing... the result is superb, and it is not strange, as this car is a Skoda Superb! :joy: :joy:

If I had the money, and the results were as good as this, I would not doubt in doing that to my car. The only thing that I would doubt would be painting the plastic trim, as I'm extremely careful, but I prefer the plastic to have the color embedded instead of painted, just in case the paint suffers an scratch and it is noticeable. I'd choose a color similar to the existing in the car, but I love the smell and touch of leather, and having a car with so much leather would be a dream for me... :heart_eyes:
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By kl4bidn
Very nice work! I wonder what kind of adhesive that is, it goes down like water mist.

That heat gun was set at 600C/1112F! That would make me crazy nervous!

That must be some dignitary's chauffeured vehicle with those coat racks in the back. Why else would you leather up a station wagon?
By LeatherJohnny
I was thinking that perhaps this car belongs to an affluent executive that wants to drive a "sleeper"? I don't know if this is the correct term to define a car that looks absolutely stock on the outside, but has all the amenities and luxury of a much more expensive vehicle. I have read this word in case of powerful engines in a regular car, but perhaps it can also be used in this context :wink:

If I were Russian and rich, or rich enough to afford trimming a car like that, I'd prefer to drive a regular car with a really nice interior than a much more expensive car with a so so interior... I would have chosen an SUV because I'd prefer this type of vehicle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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By LeatherJohnny
kl4bidn wrote: Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:37 pm I wonder what kind of adhesive that is, it goes down like water mist.
I have been told that there are lots of different adhesives to be able to choose the one that we prefer for our application. I have purchased an adhesive in a belt factory that is as thin as water (water soluble) that sprays like that one, but I'm not brave to use it in my spray gun because I am not sure that I would clean it perfectly after having used it...
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By kl4bidn
Those guns aren't that expensive. I'm considering getting a second one for my furniture cushion glue. Throw a label on them and setup and alarm schedule on my phone to blast them in the trash can every couple of days when I'm not using them.

I heard some of the water soluble glues de-laminate in the heat. There is so much to learn!
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