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By Mark M
This is my first ever re upholstery project. Figured I'd jump right in and do my own 2 piece home office chair. Looked simple enough until I realized that the curved back could present an issue to a greenhorn like myself because when you pull the pieces apart, the back is much wider than the front panel - new cuss words learned.

Thought process lead to a bit of custom work while I was at it. Changed a 3 panel back to a 2 panel with custom pleat and embroidered emblem. Yes I'm a Mopar nut. Bottom part of seat I essentially done the same with the pleat but rolled it under the front.

The original seat looked like it had welt BUT on closer inspection, they had pinched the two pieces of vinyl together and just sewed a external seam. I didn't like that so I actually made my own welt from the same blue vinyl. Project took longer had I first figured. Now replacing a zipper, thats a bag of black magic I'll need some practice on as this wasn't flat on the bottom of the back part, it curved up both sides. Anyways, thought I'd share my first project. Always looking for tips.

Seat01.jpg (94.64 KiB) Viewed 340 times
Seat02.jpg (109.77 KiB) Viewed 340 times
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By Mark M
@vicstric @John @Revv Up Thank you all. Any tips or hints you can provide in working with that type of back? Like I said before, took me a few to wrap my mind around it. felt like a contortionist in the end in the way I was holding the fabric as the sewing machine was swearing at me for sure. btw, I didn't use an industrial machine at all, just a household variety Husqvarna. Saving up for a low end Sailrite zig zag as a starter.
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