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By Roothawg
Hey guys, didn't see a spot for newbie intros, so I threw it in here.

I am just an old ,worn out hot rod and custom guy from Oklahoma, that got tired of being held hostage by my upholstery guy. I got so frustrated I went out and bought an old Pfaff 145 and signed up for the courses here on the Lucky Needle.

I'll be easy to recognize. I'll be the guy with the tuck and roll fingers I am afraid. I told my wife to go ahead and dial 9-1- just in case.

I'll be asking a lot of questions, so bare with me.

Thanks and I hope I passed the audition.

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By John
Hahaha Welcome to the forum @Roothawg we love old worn out hot rod guys here!

I hear the same story from guys like you all the time that are tired of dealing with their upholstery guy. Its unfortunate but it just comes down to it being a dying art and not enough younger people getting in to the trade. Making to much work for the people that haven't retired yet. I'm really trying to help fix that with these courses.

Ask all the question you need! This is a really great community here. Thanks for purchasing the courses!
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By Adam12
Welcome to the forum. Lots of really knowledgeable auto trimmers on here...i am not one of them but these guys and gals know their stuff and super helpful. Sounds like you are on the right track so far :thumbsup:
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