Anything about sewing machines and the tools we use.
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By 6inarow
that was the first machine I owned. For me it was a good machine and I learned a lot on it. BUT feet are really really really hard to come by. Facebook group called "Vintage Industrial Sewing Machines" was my best source for help
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I had the 78-1 for a few weeks and then sold it. I kept the 28 until just recently. It worked great but I was doing a lot with jeans and I found the stitch length a little inconsistent. It seemed like the jeans would get stuffed into the needle slot and the stitch length would vary, it got shorter with more layers of material. I picked up a Pfaff 545 H4 so the Consew 28 got sold. I think as long as what you are sewing is firm the needle feed is good. I like the simplicity of the needle feed and oscillating hook, it's a simple solid machine. I like the Pfaff but I found the rotary hook is a little fussier to get running right.
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