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I'm working on a personal project—single Engine Piston/small cabin (Mooney M20C). Regarding foam/materials, does anyone have a good place to source foam that will pass FAA burn test requirements or a place that sells burn test material that will provide certificate? Thank you in advanced.
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By Paul
Pretty much anything, from freight to overnight air. Whatever the customer wants to pay for :) We typically do UPS ground unless instructed otherwise. For foam we will roll it up and put it in a box or wrap it in something like Tyvek. We aim to ship same day if the order comes in before like 3:00 PM CT.
Hope that answers your question! Feel free to email at paul@bramportsupply.com with any other questions.
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By Ddedman
Im currently working on a Mooney also and had the customer order the materials that I specified for him. The foam we sourced from Bramport supply and the covering materials from Douglas Interiors. Both offered excellent customer service and were plenty knowledgeable for a beginner FYI.
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By Matt Hamblin
@Ddedman @Paul @John I had a customer call about a Cessna 172 last night. They are wanting the headliner replaced. From what i see online they are a suspended type with inspection zippers. I found a couple places that sell premade liners but douglas does not. Just curious if anyone has done one of these types or has any insight into best places to get material, what types of glue to use and any certs needed.
By Paul
From our sister company Aeroblaze: "I've never heard of that, but he can buy material anywhere that sells aerospace materials. Any of our glues work. For certs he'll need Horizontal burns on the final fabricated pieces."

Here's the glue he was referencing: https://bramportsupply.com/collections/ ... t-adhesive
And here's his company that may help with burn certs: https://www.aeroblazelab.com/
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By Cendres
I bought headliner material from Aircraft Spruce and vinyl and foam from Reliatex. Both provided FAA burn certificate letters. Just let Reliatex know up front that you need this for aircraft and they can help with material and foam choices
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