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By Roothawg
I am getting ready to embarkl on our first set of seats for my 29 roadster. I bought a set of seat frames from Wise Guys seats out of Indiana, but I don't like the foam or the shape they sent. i remember reading about foam densities and thicknesses, but I can't get the search function to find it.

What density would you use for a 230 lb driver? I am pleating the inserts and nothing looks worse than saggy pleats.

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By Mikesimpson
For the seat cushion I use a 2.2 density 50lb compression foam and for the back rest a 35lb compression foam. Thickness depends on how you are going to use it, the desired seating height and what is going to be under the foam( springs, webbing or a solid surface). There are more variables than a lot of people think that go into making a seat that not only looks good, but is comfortable to sit in for hours at a time.
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