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By John
Well guys I’m back from the New Year’s cruise. I had such a great time with my brother and great friends. Haha! Lots of parties but also time to relax and reflect. 2018 was a fantastic year for the lucky needle but a pretty rough year for me outside of business. On New Year’s day morning I was eating breakfast on the back deck by myself watching the blue ocean move on by. It was so nice and I realized in that moment that this is what I work so hard for. I was so thankful and it caused me to think about some of the lessons I’ve learned in 2018 and I wanted to share them with you.

1. Celebrate your wins.
I have come to realize that I am great at setting goals and achieving those goals. The problem is that by the time I reach the goal I’ve already set a new bigger goal, forgotten about the first goal and how much work went in to that. It leads to a never-ending cycle of go go go and eventually burn out. I think it’s important to stop, congratulate yourself and appreciate what you set out to accomplish. Share you win with some one you trust. From now on when I set goals, I will also include some sort of celebration for when I achieve it. Whether it’s a short vacation, a dinner with my best friend or whatever. Just something to stop and feel good about where you were and where you are now.

2. Be very intentional about who you chose to spend your time with.
They say you are the sum of the 10 people you spend the most time with. This is so true. You have to be very careful about the negativity that can creep in to your life even through people you thought you could trust. Make sure you have friends and relationships in your life that motivate you and make you a better person. Any one else that does the opposite, cut it out of your life like an old worn out leather seat. Well except your family, love your family but chose your friends.

3. Schedule time for yourself and the people you care about.
I started doing this half way through the year and its made a big difference. Its easy to get caught up in work and meeting deadlines. So, if you’re like me you have to actively schedule this time or else, I will just keep on working till I’m sick. The work will always be there waiting, but the important things in your life will not be if you neglect them. Schedule time for your family, yourself, your wife, your kids, your health. That’s what’s important. They are why we work so hard in the first place.

4. Maintain your health
The further you let it slip away and the older you get the harder it is to get it back. Its easy to say there isn’t enough time. But if it’s important enough, you will find the time. I have a job the requires me to travel constantly, I also run The Lucky Needle essentially by myself and other things in life as well. Yet this year somehow, I found time to take up running. I now find time to run most days and now consistently run 30 – 40 mile per week. It has really changed my life. When you get more fit you have more energy, motivation, mental clarity when you’re at work. Causing you to be more effective ,efficient and save you time.

I’m sure we all have been through rough times. Weather its relationships, financial problems, loss, death, whatever it is life is just like that sometimes and you can’t control it. I’ve made lots of money, lost it all, made it all back again and somehow made it out even better than before. It’s the same with any struggle I’ve had. We always find a way to make it better. Its just sucks temporally so stop worrying so damn much about everything and be thankful for what is good in your life today.

6. Let go of the hate.
Ok so I apologize if this is getting a little to deep for an upholstery forum but I think its an important part of business. I have realized that I tend to hang on to a lot of anger toward bad people in my past. I read a quote somewhere a while back by Nelson Mandela (I think… not sure) “Holding resent is like drinking poison and waiting for it to kill your enemy“ This really changed how it process the garbage that other people bring in to your life. When you get mad and angry at these people it only eats you up not them. So, there is no point the hold on to that hate. Just realize that it’s a bad situation and cut that person out of your life and be done with it.

Haha! Well guys sorry this wasn’t the usual upholstery tips but I hope maybe this helps you get to know me a little better and possibly makes a difference in your life as well. Please feel free to share your lessons and takeaways from 2018.
I will leave you with a few recommendations for the new year that I will try to follow myself in 2019

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By BigRig

That is great you have taken up running and am happy you share that. I am always wondering what others are doing for physical activities. The things some people are doing would surprise you!

It will be an amazing year John!
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By Jayscanvas
I have an excellent book to recommend I just started reading and now have read it twice and my wife is starting to read it. It’s called profit first and I think it can be a game changer for people in this business. Also if people have not read the E myth that’s another great read
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By kl4bidn
@John ,

I think it is great that you care enough to share this with all of us. 4 and 5 make up my list for this year. Finally learned what was causing me some health concerns and so now it's a matter on implementing the changes. I always say "I have to take care of myself because no one else will do it for me." I'm a financial worrier....gotta shake that cause we always make it to the other side. After reading your post, I'm adding number 1. I celebrate everyone else but never myself. I'm gonna try it this year!

For those of you with Instagram I recommend you follow this motivational speaker. He doesn't hold back and really makes you think about your outlook. GARYVEE is his handle. Here is yesterday's post...It may be me....

https://www.instagram.com/p/BsT4fP8F-pp ... hare_sheet

Happy and Profitable New Year, Everyone!
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By John
@Jayscanvas Thanks. I will check that one out. Yes e myth is a must read for any one going to business. Great suggestions!

@kl4bidn Thanks! That's awesome! I wish you the best with your health changes this year. You can do it. Also yes I think you have a bunch of wins to celebrate. You added an entire new service to your business this year and have already found automotive upholstery customers. That's huge! Plus aren't you moving to a bigger shop at your home!
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By Cale
Funny you mention the book "profit first". I attended an education class at SEMA 2017 and the author was speaking and gave us a copy of the book. After reading it, I realized that I had been doing his concept for about 6 years already. :grin:

But, the guy has a great story behind the book.
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By Cody
Thanks for the share @John I am most definitely at fault for so
W of the things you mentioned about not doing lol. Like you traveling for work was a big part of my life, it also made for good money. The more I traveled the more I made. I got in this never ending cycle. Work as much as I could and be rich. Well I never got rich. I got sick, I ruined a long lasting relationship, etc etc. it wasn’t all bad. I learned the value of a dollar and my job wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. So working hard to earn it wasn’t a problem, even to this day I value I’m a hard worker. I made some of the best friends a person could ever have and it’s been proven a few times they have my back. But it took all that hard learned education and downfall to show me that sometimes I have to just be me, I moved. Make a lot less now about 50% but the cost of living is much cheaper and that’s okay. I still worry about finances and it drive my wife crazy. But I would do that if I had millions of dollars. That’s what happens when you grow up poor. I’ve learned to slow down now, but my biggest flaw is that I was so use to traveling, usually out on my own all over the country or world, that I became very independent. Which I still am. This is a hard habit to break. I’ve alwasy been a runner, I love it. Now I try to run in groups. Joined a bike club with my wife and daughter that’s a blast. But this is my goal. Be more outgoing. Less introverted. Sorry about the long rant.
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By John
@Cody Man I can totally relate on some many levels man. 2015 & 2016 I was traveling for work about 40+ weeks a year. It takes it toll. Im glad to hear your much happier now. Ill take %50 and happy over %150 and unhappy any day of the week. Thanks for sharing!
I you ever find yourself in the San Francisco area let me know. I will take you on some amazing trail runs.
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By Cody
@John I’ll take you up on that if I’m ever out that way! Trails are always more fun than my rural back roads. Can only see so many fields till you get bored with them lol
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