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By Hdrew2807
Hello! My sewing machine is broken yet again but unfortunately I don't know anyone that can help me. The issue is the needle being pushed by the shuttle hook when it rises and it snapped my last needle (I do have a spare).
If anyone could help me fix this I would be very grateful ♡
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By Ron Henningsen
If it's a Pfaff or Adler type of machine with a horizontal bobbin you can adjust the bobbin assembly to needle clearance. Tilt the machine and find the two screws/bolts that hold the assembly left to right. Loosen the screws and tap the assembly to have it so the needle doesn't hit the needle.
Depending on the machine you could also have a safety clutch that is "kicked" or partially "kicked". Yes my Pfaff will move out of the dog locked position but not fully unlock.
If the clutch is kicked the timing is off and again depending on the machine this could be the issue. I only know Pfaff and Adler type of machines not Juki systems. I f you like you can call me at 651-717-0966 and maybe I can help.
Ron H
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By BigRig
Singer 111G 156 ha ha. I almost have this timed but not quite. Took the hook out to replace but singer online hook replacement did not fit was too long. A good machine for mending when needed but does not run like it did before I removed the hook.
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By JimmieJoe
@BigRig what was wrong with the hook you took out? I have 2x of the Singer 111w155 same as 156 just no reverse. The issue I ran into with the hook was the high capacity vs standard capacity.
By Shazbaz
Hi Jimmie Joe, I’m new here and I too have a 111W155 that I’m slowly learning to use, I’ve always wanted an industrial walking foot but could never afford one until Father Christmas brought me this one :grinning: I’ve made a few little leather slippers with it but I’m still learning and wondering if you could give me some tips on how to keep it well maintained etc please ? Thanks heaps
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By JimmieJoe
@Shazbaz Do you have the manual showing all of the oiling points? That would be a good start.

If you machine has never been cleaned it will more than likely have lint pack in all sorts of place that you will want to remove.

The Singer manual also has the instructions for adjusting the timing and needle spacing.

There is a lot of information at the forum. UWE has some very good videos. ... ctions.pdf
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By JimmieJoe
@Shazbaz The other thing I would say is that if you are not going to run 2 spools of thread so that the machine winds the bobbin as you sew you will want to invest in a high speed bobbin winder.
If you are using a clutch drive motor to run your machine it maybe sticky and erratic until the rush is worn away and the clutch is polished again. This can be done by using the machine as it will eventually polish the clutch by using it. Once polish the clutch will be controllable.

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