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By LiaSquareBody
Hey there,

I am new to auto reupholstery and had a question dealing with some pinching I’m having around curves. I just finished my first project. It’s a bench seat for a tow truck, and I am seeing pinching around every curve. What am I doing wrong?

Attached are a few photos.

Thanks in advance!

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By Mikesimpson
What you've done so far looks really good! If you were to have added a top stitch to that seam most all of that waviness would be straightened out. Looks like you could add a little foam in those spots to help fill the cover out some more and make those go away. Did you trim the seam allowance off the backside in those spots? The seam allowance will pucker in those spots going around a curve without trimming or a top stitch to hold it in place.
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By Matt Hamblin
I think we all have run into that. It is usually the seam is not all folding the same way. So when it is being slid on the seam folds to the left and for whatever reason gets bent to the right and so on. Sometimes it may just be due to some slack behind the cover where the foam could be built up more to compensate as well. Hope this helps! Looks really nice too!
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