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By go4bas
Hello Friends,

I have an issue where my seats do not appear to be symmetrical from side to side. These are bucket seats.

I have went back and forth on if I should make a new pattern or reuse the original seat cover pattern. I went ahead and followed the tutorial on custom seats and marking old patterns and both methods are great and I can see a need for both of them. Naturally I was thinking that I could reuse and trace but with them appearing to be so far off symmetry, I'm afraid to use this method. I have traced my seat foam edges and seams and everything looked pretty good to me. I was planning to cut half of the seat pattern at the mid-line and fold over and trace the other half so they would be symmetrical.

I have since cut out my pattern and compared it to the original and they are really quite far off. So far off that I thought maybe the originals were the way to go but I'm just not sure.

Attached are a couple pics of the old pattern compared side to side of the seat bolsters. The tracing is just the other side but traced to better see the differences.

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mike aka; go4bas.
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By John
Are the two pieces you are showing in the pictures the left and right collar from the same seat? or are they the same piece from left seat and right seat?
By go4bas
John wrote: Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:23 pm Are the two pieces you are showing in the pictures the left and right collar from the same seat? or are they the same piece from left seat and right seat?
Hi John,

they are from the same seat. Left side and right side collars. Really odd. Unfortunately I did not take pictures before I removed the covers. I do have of them off but it does not tell you much.

I have since went with the larger of the two and made the seat patterns symmetrical. I like the way the patterns look. I will be putting 1/2" scrim foam on the seat portion so I think that this will fill it up pretty well. If I don't like it I guess I can redo. Part of learning. Is it common that they are symmetrical or different? Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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By John
Its pretty rare that anything in an old interior is perfectly symmetrical but that is quite a big difference. Its possible on of the leather collars shrunk more than the other.
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By Cody
I’ve run in to this more than not on the older hand made seats, vs the modern computer cut seat covers. One this I do is cut the old seam allowance off before making my patterns. Your covers are off, but I feel they look further off than they are cause the seam allowance that’s folded over is tricking your eye. But you did what I’d say. Pick one and pattern it for both sides. This may mess with any alignment marks but you can compensate for that.
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