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By Mark M
Evening all, I picked up 3 very cool retro looking swivel bar stools earlier today made by Cosco not Costco, and when I peeled the vinyl back, it had the name Masland Duran on it. It’s a pretty thick vinyl, 0.6mm (No backing, )so my idea is to cover them with same or equiv material and then put a layer of clear thick vinyl over the top. Looking for suggestions for an equiv or source for that same material.From what I can tell, that vinyl was very popular during the 50’s. Some sort of commercial grade vinyl. And that is real chrome on the legs and trim band going around it.
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By Mark M
Just to add, there are 4 layers to this seat - now you can see how thick that vinyl is.

What looks like coconut husk, thin pad of something and then the padding under the vinyl itself.
The seat itself is comprised of springs. The coconut husk material is in awesome shape. The other 2 layers of material not so much. Was wondering if I can use something like a batting rather than foam as the foam wouldn't really do much as the seat density is held in the springs - again, I'm no expert and always happy to see suggestions.

See below for pic
By Mark M
I think I've narrowed down the vinyl outside of Masland. Just looking for experienced opinions - I've only got a few weeks of looking at upholstery so anyone who's been doing this a month, has more experience as me lol

https://www.albrightssupply.com/enduras ... red-arm246

https://www.albrightssupply.com/spradli ... ty-pat8528

https://www.albrightssupply.com/naugahy ... gundy-zd24
By Mark M
@John Was trying to nail down the right type of material really, a Retro red but thicker material (see above post for 3 examples of what I was looking at). The current vinyl material is 0.60mm thick. My budget is pretty much open on these as I only paid $5 a stool :)
By Mark M
@BigRig - I actually looked at that then saw that the Zodiac and Bourbon are the same thickness. The only difference is that the Zodiac is Mildew resistant.

54" Wide
Expanded Vinyl
Jersey Knit Backing
Advanced BeautyGard Protective Finish
28 oz

I'm going to see which one bends the cleanest as well once the foam and batting is added. Samples should be here soon .The reason for trying staying traditional for the era is that these stools are not knock-offs/repros AND I might be able to get ahold of a table and or bar to match...the chase continues lol
By Mark M
@John @BigRig
Finally got the vinyl in. Went for the Starboard Red. Those chrome bands are spring loaded so they will not go together happily. 1 pair of hands to take it apart, 2 pairs of hands and patience to put it back together. Only thing holding that vinyl as tight as it is is 2 bolts on the bands. This was a glue-less & staple-less redo. Biggest amount of time on this was the cleanup as this were real chrome legs, hoops and bands. I left the red vinyl off the bands on purpose, I like the chrome look :) I'm kinda enjoying this upholstery gig lol

My estimated to clean all the chrome was approx 10+ hours on the 3 stools, the results are worth it. Now they'll go in my garage and await the bar to match...if I can find one!

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By Mark M
@John Thanks John. I did put a red band around it not glued to see how it looked but decided to leave it off. Gave them a whole new look. Still looking for 3 more and a table to make a nice garage bar set. :) Closest date of info I can find on them is 1954 to 1956.
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