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By Monica
Hi all! New to the forum and new to this business venture. I have taken a job on a 51 Buick (complete interior) and may come back multiple times with questions. My first question is about the front seat. It’s a split back and both sides are not exactly perfectly straight, as is my issue with most old seats. Would you just make the pattern from one side and copy it to the other so it’s exactly the same on both sides or do each individually? I have redone the hog rings for the foam a few times and sanded it down to get them to line up better. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thanks for any and all help!

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By GiriX1000
I am doing a similar bench from a 51 Chevy right now. I am going to try to use the same pattern on both sides. It’s how the factory or any premade cover would come. Worst case I just need to redo one cover if it doesn’t turn out....but I will only be out my spare time rather than billable hours. I am surprised at how non symmetrical seat frames can be but the foam and batting hide a lot. Hoping the more experienced have some good advice.
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By John
It depends on how much time you want to spend and how nice the job needs to be. If its a really nice expensive project I recommend making patterns for the entire seat. That will give you the best result. I would not use the left patterns for the right unless it is a quick get it done job.

Unfortunately no seats are ever perfectly straight and square. To get everything to look nice you have to slightly adjust your seams when you are planing out the design and patterns to compensate for the variation.

I hope this makes sense!
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By trimmer2
Its all about the foundation work If you straighten your frames you can make adjustments in the foam so you never have to make two patterns for stock backrests like those.
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By John Long
@monica. I see two minor things I would do.

First, I would take a straight edge across the top of the back rests and trim the foam so they are straight across the top.

Secondly, I would trim the foam between the back rests so the gap between them was consistent and equal. That will give you a better, more defined shape to your seat.

You have a great start. Let us see the finished project.

John Long
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