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By glennco
Hello, newbie just got my Juki1541S set up very excited to learn a new craft my question is what speed should I set the servo motor to? any help would be greatly appreciated Glenn.
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For just starting out, set it as slow as you can/ can tolerate. Speed it up a little at a time as you gain skills and confidence.
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By klackey28
I just got the same machine and sometimes i accidently start out too fast. I've often thought it would be nice to slow it down but didn't know it was a possibility. How is it done?
By fibersport
A smaller pulley on the motor is a cheap and quick way, the other is a speed reducer which is a bit more expensive. Benefit to the speed reducer is while it slows the machine down, it increases the torque. There are tons of posts on building and/or installing speed reducers.
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