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I need to make a 1.5' to 2.5' tall cushion (x 29" square).

It's for a tall person who needs to be able to put this on our couch so he can sit properly. I have two 4 inch x 29" square spring coils (the coils are approx 2.5" in diameter) that I got from an old couch.

I also salvaged 1", fairly soft memory foam from that couch.

My question is, can I stack the spring coils to get some of height I need?

If so, what should I put between them to prevent them from destroying each other? I'm assuming I need to put several different types of foam layers on top.

Do I need to do anything special in the front/top where his knees would be?

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Personally I would probably use all foam for this or make a wood box with 3" foam on top and 1" foam on the sides.

If you going to use the springs I would hog ring a layer of vinyl fabric between the to spring sets and then also a layer of vinyl on the top springs where the foam will be. For the sides I would wrap its with a layer or 2 of dacron.

Hope this helps!
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