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By JoeTheRoofer
Hi, all. I'm going to be reupholstering these thunderbird seats. I've found a place that has the exact vinyl match, but it isn't exactly cheap. I have two questions. How would I calculate the yardage I need of the light blue and dark blue?
Second question is regarding the foam. Mine is all crumby (literally) and to get the nice contour of the original seats, should I go with new foam made to fit (re-e-e-eal expensive), or attempt to form my own?
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By Matt Hamblin
I usually estimate around 4 yards a seat. That way you should have enough for any long pieces like welt wraps and you can adjust the pieces to accommodate for proper stretch direction. Being 2 different colors you may need more depending on how big your sections are. Maybe 1 or 2 yards of the insert color and 3 of the primary.
As far as foam. That is up to you. If you can get pre made foam that is ready to go it will save you a bunch of labor but they are sometimes pricey. If you are comfortable shaping and templating new foam, i would go for it.
All up to you, this is how i normally go but others may have more input. @John
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