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Brother LS2-B837
Bonded Polyester V92 thread using 18 Universal
Marine Vinyl and 1/2" fabric backed foam

Blind-Stitches Foamed Channel - Cechaflo

Several practice pieces....... Varying stitch length, varying tension on foam and vinyl, etc

I know it is something simple and basic!!!

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Glad you figured it out @Smooooth !! Thanks for sharing the solution.
In the future if you run in to a situation where you can position the stretch in the direction you need. Just pulling a little bit of tension on the top piece should help solve that as well.
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New to forum. I just attached vinyl piping to both sides of narrow marine vinyl boxing and got the same puckered results. I am hoping I can heat the puckers out. Are you suggesting that a bit of longitudinal tension be applied to the boxing strip as the piping is sewn on?
Hi @boat services!!! Welcome to the forum!
Usually when you getting puckering on piping seams it is because you are unintentionally pulling on the piping and stretching it. Causing it to try to return to its relaxed position after you finish sewing .
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