Anything about sewing machines and the tools we use.
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By Hope Komla
Hello all! Thanks for all the beautiful discussions on the various subjects.
By the way, I have an old singer machine from a friend.
The model is 331k6 with a roller foot.

Initially, it had immovable parts because it wasn't in use for a long time. I have cleaned up, oiled and now the parts are moving.
Unfortunately though,it's not stitching.

I would like help for the manual if any.

Recommended needle and any other help to get it in motion. Thank you all in advance.
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By John
It looks like there is no belt installed from the machine to the motor. Thats would cause that. If you already have the belt on what exactly does the machine do when you try to sew with it?
By Hope Komla
Well, it's still not sewing.

From my previous experience I understand every machine has its needle presence. I have tried DP×5
and DP×17 but it's not work.
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