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Transverse shuttle sewing machine not forming loop

Hello, I’m reaching out because I have trouble with an unknown sewing machine (Tittel & Nies, Optima. I think it’s German). The sewing machine is working but...she doesn’t form her stitches.
It’s a transverse shuttle sewing machine. The closest I found to her is the German 'Winselmann' transverse shuttle sewing machine.

My problem is that the shuttle goes all the way (it’s a line, so it is going at the end of the line) but, even then, the thread is half the shuttle. I will try adding a drawing because it’s hard to explain.
The thread tension is good for the shuttle, and for the top, I hope it is, because I can only get it looser. I tried moving the needle up or down, but it didn’t seem to help.

I don’t really know what to do. Did anyone had the same trouble ?

Thank you a lot
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Thank you

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