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By fibersport
I'm just starting out in upholstery so take my questions/comments with a grain of salt. First, did you back the vinyl up with skrim? Adding 1/2" skrim will really pad things out. Second, I would think you would need to reinstall it, maybe add some foam and use steam and really work it into place. Check out Spit N'Tacks on Youtube and Facebook, he shares some really good tips and does a lot of marine work.
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By BigRig
@Daniel u . The real honest answer is the patterns are off and those creases are there to stay.
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By Rhonda
Im not John but it looks like the pattern is off should of been cut more at an angle . I ran into this doing a huge pontoon boat one time. sometimes using the old patterns can cause you some problems if there stretched out or ripped. its frustrating i know..
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By TedP
I'm not John either, but some days I wish I had his skills . . . :laughing: Anyway, it looks like @Daniel u has not been back in a few weeks, but it terms of 'creases' . . . those are more commonly referred to as 'wrinkles' . . .

TENSION is four friend. The fabric/skin is probably a bit too big or has not been pulled enough on the back side of the cushion. Through my experience doing boat seats, I have found that the vinyl 'skin' needs to be 2-3% smaller than the cushion so that it needs to stretch to fit.

If the vinyl skin is the exact same size as the cushion/foam, then there will be little/no tension on the vinyl . . . in order to get tension you will need to pull on the back side, but in doing so, you will tend to pull the skin out of its intended alignment with the foam and base board.

Inside curves are the hardest to do (which I think is what's shown in Daniel's original post) . . . much of the tension needs to be up/down in the fabric to hols it to the foam on the inside curve as opposed to side-to-side, which will pull the fabric away from the foam.

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