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By Barks1876
Hey All
I mainly do boat upholstery work but I have a friend who wants me to recover his seats in a BMW Z4 with some pre-made covers. Do any of you have a any good recommendations where to get them from?
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If it's new enough you might be able to get them from a dealer.

I did a cover replacement on a dodge ram that the owner was able to get the new factory cover from his dealer.
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By Rhonda
I did some seats with the customer ordering the replacement covers. Before he brought it to me . He was going to replace them hisself. but he soon found out. that the parts and places the covers needed to be cut out were not. Thats when it got passed on to me.. plus they did not have the hogrings to put it back together.. lol not funny but, If upholstery was easy , everyone would be doing it...
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